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Hackers targeted vaccine distribution network of COVID-19

Hackers targeted vaccine distribution network of COVID-19

An alert issued by the US government and a research blog published by IBM has cautioned against a cyber espionage campaign which is targeted at companies vital to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. The hacking campaign targeted a large variety of organizations, including in government and across the energy and IT sectors, that are associated with the COVID-19 ’cold supply’ chain.

Nik 1 months

Could be the CCP, they have a history of hacking companies/ governments to disrupt them

Matt 1 months

There really are all types of people. What kind of position is one taking, when they decide to go after the vaccine to end a pandemic? Could it be ego alone? For notoriety?

KingsDie 1 months

This is just so someone can blame someone

brian 1 months

Bat shit crazy if you ask me

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