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Pelosi, Schumer back bipartisan $908 billion Covid-19 relief proposal

Pelosi, Schumer back bipartisan $908 billion Covid-19 relief proposal

In a significant shift in stand, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement that they were now backing a new compromise $908 billion Covid-19 relief bill, which would serve as a framework for talks to end the stalemate that has dogged Congress for months. The bill includes $180 billion to fund a $300 per week additional jobless aid through March.

John W
John W 1 months

Timcast covers the largest transfer of wealth to rich, in US history. U.S. Billionaires Added $1 Trillion To Their Collective Wealth Since The Start Of The Pandemic The CARES Act Sent You a $1,200 Check but Gave Millionaires and Billionaires Far More Lockdowns shut down small businesses help largest. Almost one-third of small businesses in New Jersey have have closed

Something Witty
Something Witty 1 months

Just reopen the freaking economy. It’s a virus with a .04% mortality rate. At this point more people are going to starve to death in the coming years then people work die of corona.

Sasu 1 months

So the bill includes money going to state and local governments, but also continues unemployment benefit, but does not include anything for those who are still working.

So 1 months

So 1 months

_tallman 1 months

No more spending, just open the country up, enough of this crap.

BaFbF 1 months

Money printer...

Jim 1 months

Look it up Nancy and the Democrats have accepted a 908 billion package. Trump offered her a 1.8 trillion dollar package and she declined it as she argued Trump just wanted his name on the relief. She literally accepted half after Trump lost Now do you really Need more proof she saw this as a political issue rather than a relief issue ?

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