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Ivanka Trump deposed from presidental campaign fund lawsuit

Ivanka Trump deposed from presidental campaign fund lawsuit

After being interviewed on Tuesday by attorneys, Ivanka Trump has been removed from the lawsuit filed by lawyers from the attorney general’s office in Washington D.C. The attorneys are accusing the 2017 Trump inauguration campaign of misusing $1 million. The lawsuit states more than $1 million was spent to rent a ballroom in the Trump International Hotel.

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Yet Joe Biden can take his son on air force two and his son can walk away with a 1.5 billion dollar investment from the Chinese government and nothing happens. Joe Biden can go into Ukraine and get the top prosecutor in the country fired who was investigating the board of a corrupt energy company his son sat on and admit it all on video. Joe Biden can also lie about knowing about his sons business dealings and can face years of questions about whether he has been using his office to make money for himself and his family.

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