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DoJ sues Facebook over alleged bias against American workers

DoJ sues Facebook over alleged bias against American workers

The US Department of Justice said it has sued Facebook for allegedly discriminating against American workers by reserving positions for temporary visa holders. In its lawsuit, the DoJ alleged that Facebook didn’t consider ’qualified and available US workers’ for over 2,600 positions with an average salary of about $156,000. Facebook said it was cooperating with the DoJ and ’reviewing the issue.’

Kathy 2 months

Will Facebook remove stories about government suits against Facebook for using H1B foreign workers because they are cheaper? Will Facebook use their powers of censorship to cheat the citizens out of their jobs AND representatives?

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

H1B types work for half price or less. Such a deal for the employer!

Billy 2 months

The comment about the LAZY American really struck me. It seems so true - in my humble opinion. Some people feel entitled but have no clue how to do the job. Think about it.

Michael 2 months

Why hire a lazy American if you can avoid it

J 2 months

Social justice warrior, US hating behavior, by a commie spy website....shocking.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

What better way to indoctrinate immigrants is there?

So 2 months

Katharine 2 months

What about privacy?

IIZard 2 months


C 2 months

Can't wait! how do I sign up?

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