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Trump, RNC announce $200 million haul in post-election fundraising

Trump, RNC announce $200 million haul in post-election fundraising

President Donald Trump’s campaign and Republican National Committee said they raised $207.5 million since Election Day. The money was raised by the Donald J Trump for President Inc, RNC, two joint committees – Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again Committee, and Save America. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said this shows Trump remains the ’leader and source of energy’ for the GOP.

Marcin 1 months

And that kids, is what a fake election fraud circus buys you! 💰

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

That's a whole lot of $tup1d people lining Frumps pockets

E n
E n 1 months

Trump and the Republicans haven't been acheiving much but they sure are quick to brag about all the money they have.

Eileeñ 1 months

The money will go to pay his Bill's genues make trump sickafan pay while you exit the White House READ THE FINE PRINT THIS WHERE THE MONEY IS GOING

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 1 months

Don the Con stealing from his cult mentality minion RUBE base.

Wendy 1 months

Just another day in TRump's Circus...

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 1 months

Yeah this great. Not remotely incredibly dodgy at all...or anything like that....

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