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TIME names first-ever ’Kid of the Year’

TIME names first-ever ’Kid of the Year’

TIME Magazine has, for the first time, named a ’Kid of the Year’, a 15-year-old scientist and inventor Gitanjali Rao. Rao was picked for the title out of a field of more than 5,000 Americans, aged 8 to 16. Rao previously won the award for the Young Scientist Challenge at 11 for creating a device that detects lead in water in response to the Flint, Michigan, water crisis.

Firas 2 months

This causes harm to other kids in the world more than support! Kids should not be used in the race for power and money!!

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

She created a device that detects lead in water? Fairly certain that already existed, and purity tests detect like alot more chemicals than lead.

Donald 2 months

Thanks the heavens it is a kid that is actually worthy of it and not that Veruca Salt brat, Gretchen

Spank-O-Tron5000 2 months

Such progressive. Very wow. Much equality.

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