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Trump legal team shows video, claims voter fraud to GA Senate

Trump legal team shows video, claims voter fraud to GA Senate

Videos from Georgia show two poll workers retrieving a container of ballots after other workers and monitors left; Trump’s legal team claimed fraud in presenting this to the Georgia Senate on Thursday, leading to Governor Brian Kemp asking Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to start a signature audit of ballots.

Rocky 1 months

Oof. So what's the media's next big play? How do you spin it now? No evidence of fraud at first into, no evidence of widespread fraud to, No evidence of fraud that would have changed the results to ? I can't wait to hear this one. They will probably just begin to ignore it completely now that they won't be able to doublespeak their way out.

Matthew 1 months

I saw this video for the first time last night. Until I saw this video I was extremely skeptical. I mean, affidavits are nice and they are evidence but they are fairly weak. Afidavits also don't prove the organization necessary to steal an election across several states. This video changes things for me. It completely verifies several of the affidavits and show actions by vote counters that have no legitimate explanation (not that I can think of). The Blonde that is clearly in charge needs to be questioned under oath as do the counters. A plausible explanation needs to he given for the actions see on this tape. If not, we need to do something about this.

ttocsick 1 months

I've lived in Fulton and dekalb counties in recent years, there's no doubt in my mind that widespread organized fraud was happening and there always has been. That's just what got snagged on camera. Biden didn't win Georgia because Georgia is still red

IvoryDove 1 months

Twitter says that the claim is disputed... In fact, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will likely ban any references or links to these videos since they contain "fake news". Don't trust your eyes. Only trust what you are told. /s

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

This is baseless. There is no evidence. I wish Trump would concede already, he is embarrassing himself.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 1 months

This is not true, I watched the hearing. This was presented at a local government hearing not related to President Trump or his lawyers. They weren't even there. It is however true that there was major election fraud (possibly over 50,000 votes) caught on video. The Left is panicking.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 months

Conservatives only think there was widespread fraud because Trump lost. Could not be anymore blatantly biased. Sad they care about a personality more than the country.

Ellen 1 months

Why the quotes around evidence? The video is not special evidence that needs quotes. It is evidence that is admissible in court. Therefore it is evidence without the need for quotes.

Rolf 1 months

Eventually ... when all ballots counted have been scrutinised on names, signatures, anything that comes in the normal process... and this is waterproof .... then where you put loads of incoming or waiting or whatever ballots doesn't matter. There are no hundred-thousands of unaccounted for or fake ballots. This is just another 'mis-presentation' of a standard process.

Dorien 1 months

Yes, it takes quite some time to create false evidence clips. If they had it shown right away it could perhaps be proof of corruption by the Democrats. Now it’s proof of falsehood and corruption by Trump and his cronies. Sick and disgusting people!

Marcin 1 months

If the only explanation for this is indeed fraud, then why, pray tell, would they so blatantly commit such an act while being live-streamed?

Ryan 1 months

YEAH and the best part the woman on Fb bragging about how her and her daughter are running the place. Democrats from the ground up need to be held accountable to the highest standard.THIS IS TREASON.

Shaun Oconnell
Shaun Oconnell 1 months

4 more years for President Trump ✝️🇬🇧🇺🇸

snarley 1 months a video with no sound showing people, whom were employed to count votes, actually counting votes proves election fraud? Sadly the sycophants on the right could see a video of the Clintons eating grilled cheese sandwiches and they'd be all over parlor screaming "CANT YOU SEE THE VOTER FRAUD?!?!?!?!"

Joseph 1 months

Really interesting how this app is filled with people trying to manipulate by putting quotes around things that don't need them. Presents "evidence"... No need for the quotes.

Doug 1 months

The Georgia legislature is exceedingly lazy. They'll talk a good game but you won't see them again until its reelection time.

Zach 1 months

Trumps court record if ~36 losses to one win 😂 keep Wah Wah wahing

Casual Historian
Casual Historian 1 months

Ah, another Trump team lie disproven. According to the news outlet Independent: “Frances Watson, the chief investigator for Georgia’s secretary of state, told Lead Stories that Republican and Trump campaign observers were not told to leave, and that the ballots scanned in the surveillance video had already been counted, in contrast to Mr Giuliani and Ms Pick’s assertions.” I’ll link the article below this. Essentially though, this “smoking gun” evidence doesn’t amount to much of anything. It’s all the normal process and no rules were ever broken or fraud committed.

Chris 1 months

There we go. Finally after weeks and weeks we can finally see something on the news. I dont have to go to Australian or UK news outlets anymore. Thanks America!!!

John W
John W 1 months

CNN say signature audit is unnecessary, because it woukd not show fraud, it's dangerous, and couid only be ordered by s judge not the georgia legislature. if done, it can only be from a limited "small" sample of "random" ( really hand selected) ballots. Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling angrily warned that "it's all gone too far" and "it has to stop" before someone gets hurt or killed, even if a signature on an envelope was flagged during an audit, it would be impossible to trace it to a specific ballot in order to remove their vote accordingly. Georgia's former secretary of state, to suggest that a signature audit after an election would be "simple," even if it's just for a sample of ballots. Georgia's current secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, told CNN a signature audit is outside his office's legal purview. It would need to be ordered by a court, and currently, there is no basis to conduct one

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