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At 102 years old, NY woman beats the coronavirus twice

At 102 years old, NY woman beats the coronavirus twice

A 102-year-old woman from New York who lived through the 1918 flu pandemic, survived cancer, has now overcome the coronavirus, twice. Angelina Friedman was first diagnosed with Covid-19 in March. In October, shortly before her 102nd birthday, she was diagnosed with the virus again, this time with a aggravated symptoms.

John 2 months

Antibodies diminish after 3-6 months. Contracting Covid twice in one year is entirely possible. With vaccines currently in development, you will need to keep your antibody levels up by getting vaccinated twice a year. Perhaps when the majority of people have been vaccinated and the transmission rate falls below 1 you'll be able to get by with a single vaccination during the highest risk period of the year (as with influenza) Also, Covid 'probably' won't kill you outright but the permanent damage it can do will likely be compounded with every reinfection. Best not chance that. For me, once was more than enough.. I'll get my vaccination the first opportunity I have.

Patty 2 months

Amazing lady.

Donald 2 months

Obviously she has great immunity. Look at that happy face....

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