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Chinese scientists claim breakthrough in quantum computing race

Chinese scientists claim breakthrough in quantum computing race

Researchers in China claim to have developed a quantum computing system purported to be 10 billion times faster than Google’s ’Sycamore’ machine. The team said they performed a quantum computation called ’Gaussian boson sampling’. While the device achieved Gaussian boson sampling in 200 seconds, the same calculation would take the world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku, 600M years to complete.

Andrew 1 months

China seems to be putting out a lot of propaganda lately. Tourism campaigns for Wuhan, Mach 16 jet engine claims, breakthrough's in Quantum computing..convenient that this is happening right after more evidence came up of the CCP lying about COVID. What's next? Tomorrow they cure cancer? Make contact with extra terrestrials? Claim the moon?

C 1 months

We're sorry the society you're looking for is not in place. Communism exists here, stifling everything. Another lie. If you'd like to find innovation go to the free countries of the West

Max 1 months

Poggers. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize countless fields from space exploration, drug and vaccine discovery, neuroscience, data collection, cryptography... This is sweet. I know it'll still take years or maybe decades to make all the leaps forward I'm hoping for, but this is a step in the right direction.

GERHARD 1 months

Why do people assume that science cares about your political views or affiliations. It does not. Besides humans of any society are capable of explaining an hypothesis via science into a theory. Do not assume you or your political system is exceptional.

Josh 1 months

Wonder how much the Biden mafia will make off of this one...

Josh 1 months

F.I.D. 1 months

Is there a paper on this? Until there is a paper, it doesn't matter.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

How do you do fellow youngsters? I am in school, ugh my parents don't understand me.

Howard 1 months

China scientists come in second to reach quantum supremacy.

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