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’Hope France gets rid of Macron as soon as possible,’ Turkey’s Erdogan says

’Hope France gets rid of Macron as soon as possible,’ Turkey’s Erdogan says

In fresh verbal attacks against French President Emmanuel Macron, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Macron a ’trouble’ for France, and said, ’My wish is for France to get rid of the Macron trouble as soon as possible.’ Things between the two leaders went south after Macron defended a French teacher’s act of showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which led to the teacher’s beheading.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

French people don't really take too kindly to threats. I know everyone dumps on them for being flat footed at the start of WWII, but the French military has traditionally been one of the strongest in the world. It's a big country with a lot of people, and I feel like they'll unify themselves when faced with nonsense like Erdogan sticking his nose in their business.

loja 1 months

Well, ya know you are doing sonething right when a DICTATOR is miffed at ya... Shut up, short Adolf, nobody cares about anything ya say...Just leave and restore democracy, that would be swell...

bobby_5150 1 months

At least France could vote out their leaders. Unlike the tin-pot dictator in Turkey.

Mathieu 1 months

Erdogan is a joke. He fashions himself as the Ottoman's legacy and the defender of Islam and yet makes deals with China who are persecuting the Uyghurs who are Turkic Muslims.

mukhail 1 months

As a Muslim I find the notion that no depiction of the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) is allowed. Stories about his life cannot even be told in a visual medium for a world increasingly consuming all of its content in such a manner. I believe this to be a traditional norm being confused as a religious one.

Leo 1 months

And I sincerely hope Turkey will get rid of Erdogan soonest. He thinks Macron isn't nice enough to Muslim killers preying on people in the streets and decapitating them. NOTHING from Erdogan about that. Absolutely nothing.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 1 months

Erdogan truly can do one. Hard, fast and out the door.

Seekster 1 months

Got to hand to the French...they have been willing to stand up for themselves lately.

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