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Amazon faces lawsuit over firing of warehouse worker

Amazon faces lawsuit over firing of warehouse worker

Amazon faces a federal lawsuit over a decision to fire a warehouse worker. The company alleges Courtney Bowden violated labor laws. Bowden argues that Amazon terminated her because she’d been speaking to co-workers about ’pay and other workplace issues.’ Bowden was one of many workers fighting for paid time off at Amazon warehouses as the coronavirus pandemic intensified.

Darren 1 months

Bezos needs to learn and understand that his staff, all over the world, expect and deserve employee rights.

Shane 1 months

Why does the picture in the verge article show a man holding a sign saying 'respect the East African community' when this was supposedly a protest about lack of PPE for workers?

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

Amazon needs to pay federal taxes. Bozos should be held directly liable.

Liz 0 months

Amazon is a new age company but maybe it needs an old fashioned Union to keep it in line.

Doug Star
Doug Star 0 months

Bozos made USD$70B on the Coronavirus pandemic thus far. That's not a hoax!

edwin 1 months

Gonna say it right here, if you are not with the same company and in the same position there are no protections for discussion pay under labor laws. If she was an Amazon employee talking to contractors or vise versa, or if she was speaking to another employee with a different job title, its not protected. Comes up at my work since we have direct employees and people from like 6 contractors in my department.

AbsentSal 0 months

You should always ask the people around you how much they make. Otherwise you cant negotiate your pay.

David 1 months

Fact. The bigger any company gets, the less the higher ups care about the people on the ground

Christopher 0 months

Regardless of my feelings on the actual matter, it seems like Bezos is trying to make Amazon one of those evil mega corporations from the movies ala OCP from Robocop or Weyland-Yutani. Surveillance of employees, terminating dissidents, automation eliminating jobs. Go get your xenomorph Jeff

Viviko 0 months

Bezos screaming in his office saying “Are those robots ready to replace all our workforce yet?”

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 months

It's not as if Bezos can afford to pay his workers decent wages and benefits. Fire them all Jeff and use the savings to fully automate your operations. Start with the Washington Post.

flinx101 1 months

I know this is BS as AA's get paid time off for 2 weeks if they test positive for covid. I don't though as I am a contractor. I have to use my vacation time instead.

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